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Solutions for Trader & Freelancer Analyst, Nasdaq, USA

Professional Trader can building and tracking their portfolio in their site with all the formula per built. Solution has different account for Option Trading, Equity trading & combine trading. Tracking performance for each year on year is pre-built in the solution.

We have pre build solution for trading in option (call/put) & Equity. Buy & Sell or Sell & Buy all the formula are pre-configured in the solution. Live chat room for paid & trial user. User management section & post latest news & articles.

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Send Trade Alerts

Simple and easy to use for Professional Trader to send Trade Alert - buy/sell with trade sizes & Equity/Options via email/SMS to Paid User.

Chat Room

Realtime chat room that allows your register user to engage in live group conversations. Admin can send live trade alerts from chat room to paid users.

Yearly Performance

Performance broken down into daily, weekly, monthly & annual segments. Analysis report allow Professional Trader to quickly review trading Performance.


Finance, trading, news and stock market related articles that help your users to stay updated with the market. Add, Edit and Delete Knowledge base Articles.

Option Trade

Solution has different accounts pre-configured. As per your requirement, solution will be enabled. Option trade are linked with expiry date, if not sold, solution expiry trade with 0 & add to close trade.

Equity Trade

Solution has a specific Equity account for the site. Trader can Buy/Sell stock of companies with real-time price indicators.

Multiple Accounts

Solution has a multipe accounts configuration to help trade setup up as per their requirement. Account can include both equity & options trading in one & multiple accounts.

Build your Trading Strategies

Amazing Features & Options to build winning strategies

Custom website solution for professional trader

Chat Room

Paid/Trial users can chat with admin in chat room live.

SMS Alerts

Trade alert can be delivered as SMS alert to paid user.

Trade of the Month

Every month admin can highlight the best trade on the website.

User Management

Admin has section to view all the registered/paid/trial user.

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